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This site and all of the work made to keep it updated during the last 25 years are dedicated to my beloved friend MaCa65 who suddenly left this lonely planet
and me without words. Throughout the short stretch of time that we have been given to spend together as close friends, we shared many things,
thoughts, passions and some bits of Life. Back in 1983, together we discovered a band called The Smiths and together since then, we followed Morrissey's career
as one of the most influential and inspiring singer/artist/poet of our age. Maca65 has always been a strong supporter since when I first launched WoM,
so this is and will always be entirely for you, my friend. -- David

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Who's Who Reference List ::

Allmann, Rob
Johnny Marr's first writing partner, in the band White Dice.

Babylon Books
Published Morrissey's books.

Bedford, Mark
Morrissey's one-time bassist for Kill Uncle, and formerly a member of Madness.

Black, Cilla
60's pop artist. The Smiths covered one of her songs, Work Is A Four-Letter Word.

Bolan, Marc
T-Rex frontman who wrote a song covered by Morrissey, Cosmic Dancer.

Bollock Brothers, The
Whom The Smiths were amazed to find themselves supporting on a European tour date.

Boorer, Lyn
Wife of Boz Boorer. Former member of the The Shillelagh Sisters. Plays double bass in Sonny George's band.

Boorer, Martin "Boz"
Plays guitar, writes with, and sings backing vocals for Morrissey solo. Former member of The Polecats. Has also written songs with and played for Adam Ant. When not playing in Morrissey's band he along with his wife Lyn can be found playing with Sonny George, ex-frontman of the Planet Rockers. The Planet Rockers opened for Morrissey on a leg of his 1991 tour. His website is http://www.boz.dircon.co.uk/.

Bowie, David
Seminal influence on Morrissey. A solo artist with his golden years in the 70's; had a distinct effect on the young Steven. Later covered I Know It's Gonna Happen Someday.

Brady, Ian
One of the Moors Murderers, along with Myra Hindley (see Suffer Little Children).

Bragg, Billy
Marr conspirator. Covered Panic, Ask, and several other Smiths songs.

Bridgwood, Johnny
A classically trained bassist that replaced Gary Day after he was sacked. Bridgwood left the band after the 1997 Maladjusted tour.

Brown, Angie
Johnny Marr's wife.

Burns, Pete
The lead singer of Dead Or Alive and Morrissey had a "pop star" friendship in 1985. Burns appeared at several "Meat Is Murder" shows. At The Royal Albert Hall he sang a duet with Moz on Barbarism. They were interviewed together in 'Smash Hits' in a hilarious piece of camp innuendo - according to Rogan.

Carrack, Paul
Played on The Smiths' first album.

Coates, Ann
Fictional character, a pun on an area of Manchester, credited with the backing vocals for Bigmouth Strikes Again (in reality a speeded-up tape of Morrissey's vocal).

Cobrin, Spencer James
Drummer for Morrissey solo, from 1991 to 1997, previously in The Memphis Sinners with Gary Day. Also co-wrote Wide To Receive and Lost. Currently in a New York City-based band called Elva Snow.

Cookies, The
Band who did the song covered by The Smiths, I Want A Boy For My Birthday.

Cowie, Phil
The Smith's tour manager.

Cummins, Kevin
NME's chief photographer, based in Manchester in the early '80s. Photographed The Smiths in September 1983 for their first NME cover. A last-minute decision was made to go with a Big Country cover instead.

Cunliffe, Grant
One of The Smiths' soundmen.

Dannell, Debbie
Originally a hair & make up artist, she now doubles as Morrissey's personal assistant.

Davalos, Richard
Starred with James Dean in "East of Eden". Cover star of Strangeways, Here We Come.

Day, Gary
Played bass guitar for Morrissey solo before he was sacked. Previous bands The Memphis Sinners, The Gazmen, The Sharks, The Caravans, The Nitros and the bizarrely named Frantic Flintstones. Particularly noticeable for his tattoos. Was re-hired in 1999 for Morrissey's Oye Esteban tour.

Defoe, Martha
Rough Trade employee who helped The Smiths in an organisational capacity.

Doonan, Patric
Name-checked in Now My Heart Is Full, he was an actor from the 1940's who appears in the film "Cockleshell Heroes" (the same film from which Maladjusted gets the Anthony Newley quote).

Duffy, Billy
Guitarman from The Cult, the original member along with vocalist Ian Astbury. Billy's connection to Morrissey comes through his old band "The Nosebleeds", for which Morrissey once joined as a singer for a brief period.

Durkin, Bobby
Member of White Dice.

Elva Snow
Spencer Cobrin's band. He plays guitar rather than drums.

Fall, The
Manchester band, contemporaneous with The Smiths. The Smiths were support for them; months later, The Fall supported them.

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