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This site and all of the work made to keep it updated during the last 25 years are dedicated to my beloved friend MaCa65 who suddenly left this lonely planet
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thoughts, passions and some bits of Life. Back in 1983, together we discovered a band called The Smiths and together since then, we followed Morrissey's career
as one of the most influential and inspiring singer/artist/poet of our age. Maca65 has always been a strong supporter since when I first launched WoM,
so this is and will always be entirely for you, my friend. -- David

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Who's Who Reference List ::

Smith, Richard
Journalist who wrote an article complaining about Morrissey's sexual ambiguity when he uses gay icons on the front of The Smith's record covers.

Smith, Robert
Lead singer of classic band The Cure, and famous Morrissey enemy. Their long-running and public feud includes some classic quotes from both sides, the most immortal being Robert's "If Morrissey says don't eat meat, then I'll eat meat, because I hate Morrissey".

Smith, Spike T.
Morrissey's former drummer. Formerly of The Damned and London based band Jolt.

Sterling, Linder
One of Morrissey's oldest friends, and frontwoman of Ludus. Also sang backing vocals on Driving Your Girlfriend Home.

Street, Stephen
One of The Smiths' producers and co-writer with Morrissey solo. Produced and co-wrote Viva Hate and many other singles and b-sides.

Band much trumpeted by Morrissey when they appeared on the scene in the early 90's. Morrissey sometimes covered their song My Insatiable One on tour.

From the 70's group, Madness. Did guest vocals on Piccadilly Palare, then went on to achieve wide-spread loathing by ruining such classics as "I'm Only Sleeping" with half-cock reggae chart-licking versions.

Tate, Troy
Originally had to produce the first Smiths' album.

Thatcher, Margaret
British Prime Minister throughout the 80's and subject of Margaret On The Guillotine.

Tobias, Jesse
A Texan guitarist of Mexican origins born in 1972. He joined Morrissey's band live in July 2004 filling in for Alain Whyte, who was ill at the time. Since then, he stayed with the band and became author of most of the productions for the album "Ringleader Of The Tormentors", released in April 2006. Alain Whyte wrote some of the songs as well, though not playing live on 2006 tour.

Travis, Geoff
Head honcho of The Smiths' first record label, Rough Trade.

60's artist who wrote a song covered by The Smiths, Golden Lights.

Walker, Matt
Walker was the drummer of Filter and The Smashing Pumpkins, where he replaced the founding drummer Jimmy Chamberlin. From 2005 he started his collaboration for Morrissey filling in for Dean Butterworth. He recorded the album "Ringleader of The Tormentors" in Rome and played drums during Morrissey's 2006 tour.

Walters, Jake
Jake Walters was Morrissey's personal assistant from 1992 to 1994. During this time they became very good friends, and there were/are tons of rumours of the two being more than just friends. They had a falling out in late 1995 and have not spoken since (or so sources says).

Weaver, Mick
Played on "The Smiths" album.

White Dice
Johnny Marr's band before he founded The Smiths with Morrissey.

Whitehead, Sheridan
Morrissey nom-de-plume pre-Smiths, taken from the film "The Man Who Came To Dinner".

Whittall, Paul
Member of White Dice, Johnny Marr's band before The Smiths.

Whyte, Alain
Plays guitar for, writes with, and sing backing vocals for Morrissey solo. Was in The Memphis Sinners. He is also in a band called Johnny Panic.

Wickham, Vicky
Former music producer and songwriter she was Morrissey's manager for the Maladjusted era until he fired her. Former manager to Marc Almond, Dusty Springfield, and "The Lunch Lady" For more info, see http://www.guardianunlimited.co.uk/Archive/Article/0,4273,3936463,00.html.

Wilde, Oscar
Nineteenth-century Irish playwright, poet, humourist and writer. One of Morrissey's more important influences, Wilde's life ended in tragedy after a conviction for homosexuality. Read everything he has ever done, now.

Wright, Steve
Vile DJ who became the topic of Panic after following up a news item about the Chernobyl disaster with the equally vile "I'm Your Man" by Wham!. Steve Wright is also responsible for a Morrissey parody song.

Wright, Steven
After impressing Morrissey with his live photography, the Manchester-based Wright was hired for the famous Salford Lads Club shot for the inside sleeve of The Queen Is Dead. Also photographed the Strangeways sign.

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