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This site and all of the work made to keep it updated during the last 25 years are dedicated to my beloved friend MaCa65 who suddenly left this lonely planet
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thoughts, passions and some bits of Life. Back in 1983, together we discovered a band called The Smiths and together since then, we followed Morrissey's career
as one of the most influential and inspiring singer/artist/poet of our age. Maca65 has always been a strong supporter since when I first launched WoM,
so this is and will always be entirely for you, my friend. -- David

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Who's Who Reference List ::

Mitchell, Craig
Member of White Dice.

Moir, Jim
AKA Vic Reeves, a comedian who covered versions of Smiths songs in humorous ways, and created the quite brilliant character "Morrissey the Consumer Monkey". He also sang on Morrissey's cover of That's Entertainment.

Morrissey, Paul
Director of Andy Warhol's Flesh, from which a still was taken for the cover of The Smiths.

Morrissey, Steven Patrick
Exactly the man you think he is.

Moss, Joe
In 1982, Moss was the 40-year-old manager of Crazy Face, a clothes shop in Manchester's Chapel Walks. Johnny Marr worked next door at X Clothes. Moss managed The Smiths from autumn 1982 until the end of 1983. Joe Moss managed Manchester band Marion, whose hit single "Sleep" bore an uncanny resemblance to Hand In Glove.

Muir, John
Head of Babylon Books.

Nevin, Mark E.
Wrote the music for several Morrissey songs, notably most (all ?) of Kill Uncle. Formerly of Fairground Attraction.

New York Dolls, The
70's punk band, much admired by Morrissey. Morrissey covered their song Trash on the Kill Uncle tour.

Newley, Anthony
Actor whose line "On this glorious occasion of the splendid defeat" in the film "Cockleshell Heroes" was used in the Morrissey song Maladjusted.

Nosebleeds, The
Manchester punk band, briefly had Morrissey as vocalist.

O'Hara, Mary Margaret
Did the eerie vocals on November Spawned A Monster. She released an album called "Miss America".

Paresi, Andrew
Drummer on Viva Hate, Bona Drag, and Kill Uncle. As of 1998, he is also known as Raymond Sinclair, the only vaguely funny thing on the UK Radio 1's Morning Show.

Peel, John
Radio DJ who recorded several sessions with The Smiths and gave them their first big radio break. Suddenly died in November 2004.

Opened for Morrissey for part of the 1991 Kill Uncle Tour. Also appears (topless) in the Kill Uncle Tour programme.

Piering, Scott
The Smiths' record plugger, and later caretaker manager.

Porter, John
The Smiths' producer for a time.

Reeves, Vic
See Moir, Jim.

Reilly, Viny
Worked on Viva Hate, and does solo work as Durutti Column. The Durutti Column album "Vini Reilly" came with a limited seven-inch of I Know Very Well How I Got My Note Wrong.

Riff, Eddie
Morrissey's hotel sign-in name during 1992, and during the 2000 South American tour.

Rogan, Johnny
Author of the controversial Smiths biog, "Morrissey & Marr: The Severed Alliance". Morrissey famously claimed to hate the book, despite his help and reviewing of the book, hoping that "Johnny Rogan ends his days very soon in an M3 pile-up".

Ronson, Mick
Bowie's old guitarist. Produced Your Arsenal. Sadly died of cancer in 1994.

Rothwell, Talbot
Pseudonym Morrissey used when writing notes for Jo Slee; he is the writer of many of the "Carry On ..." films so beloved of Moz.

Rough Trade
The Smiths' first record company, headed by Geoff Travis. Originally a record shop, it evolved into the record company, along with related distribution company, The Cartel.

Rourke, Andy
Of course, The Smiths' bassist. Sacked temporarily for problems related to his heroin addiction.

A 5 piece (unsigned) band from Ireland that opened for Morrissey on the European leg of his Oye Esteban Tour. See http://www.sacktheband.com.

Shaw, Sandie
60's artist whose career was resurrected when asked to sing on Hand In Glove, which later went on to chart in the Top 30.

Showbiz, Grant
See Cunliffe, Grant.

Sioux, Siouxsie
Singer of Siouxsie and the Banshees, and one-time Morrissey collaborator with Interlude.

Slee, Jo
Helped with the sleeve design for both The Smiths and Morrissey releases. Author of lush, interesting and sadly out-of-print book Peepholism: Into The Art Of Morrissey.

Smart, Elizabeth
Author of prose classic "By Grand Central Station I Sat Down And Wept", obviously a favourite of Morrissey.

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