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This site and all of the work made to keep it updated during the last 25 years are dedicated to my beloved friend MaCa65 who suddenly left this lonely planet
and me without words. Throughout the short stretch of time that we have been given to spend together as close friends, we shared many things,
thoughts, passions and some bits of Life. Back in 1983, together we discovered a band called The Smiths and together since then, we followed Morrissey's career
as one of the most influential and inspiring singer/artist/poet of our age. Maca65 has always been a strong supporter since when I first launched WoM,
so this is and will always be entirely for you, my friend. -- David

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14/10/2023: Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me - Strangeways, Here We Come
10/09/2021: I Won't Share You - Strangeways, Here We Come
03/08/2019: Maladjusted - Maladjusted
03/07/2019: Ouija Board, Ouija Board - Bona Drag
29/06/2018: Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before - Strangeways, Here We Come
25/06/2018: I Started Something I Couldn't Finish - Strangeways, Here We Come
24/06/2018: Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others - The Queen Is Dead
24/06/2018: Panic - The World Won't Listen
23/06/2018: The Queen Is Dead - The Queen Is Dead
02/04/2018: When You Open Your Legs - Low In High School
02/04/2018: In Your Lap - Low In High School
28/03/2018: Jacky's Only Happy When She's Up On The Stage - Low In High School
28/03/2018: Israel - Low In High School
24/10/2017: I Wish You Lonely - Low In High School
20/10/2017: Spent The Day In Bed - Low In High School
20/10/2017: Who Will Protect Us From The Police? - Low In High School
01/08/2017: These Things Take Time (Peel sessions) - Hatful Of Hollow
01/08/2017: Forgive Someone - World Peace Is None Of Your Business
29/07/2017: One Of Our Own - World Peace Is None Of Your Business
28/07/2017: Kick The Bride Down The Aisle - World Peace Is None Of Your Business
28/07/2017: Art-Hounds - World Peace Is None Of Your Business
28/07/2017: Scandinavia - World Peace Is None Of Your Business
28/07/2017: The Bullfighter Dies - World Peace Is None Of Your Business
28/07/2017: Earth Is The Loneliest Planet Of All - World Peace Is None Of Your Business
26/07/2017: World Peace Is None Of Your Business - World Peace Is None Of Your Business
26/07/2017: Neal Cassady Drops Dead - World Peace Is None Of Your Business
11/06/2013: Sister, I'm A Poet - My Early Burglary Years
11/06/2013: Art-Hounds - [unreleased]
10/06/2013: The Boy With The Thorn In His Side - The Queen Is Dead
23/05/2013: Unhappy Birthday - Strangeways, Here We Come
22/04/2013: How Soon Is Now? - Hatful Of Hollow
11/04/2013: Oh Well, I'll Never Learn - [b-sides]
02/03/2013: Well I Wonder - Meat Is Murder
11/02/2013: I Know It's Over - The Queen Is Dead
02/12/2012: The Kid's A Looker - [unreleased]
18/08/2012: Scandinavia - [unreleased]
22/03/2012: Late Night, Maudlin Street - Viva Hate
14/02/2012: This Night Has Opened My Eyes - Hatful Of Hollow
22/07/2011: Action Is My Middle Name - [unreleased]
22/07/2011: People Are The Same Everywhere - [unreleased]
22/04/2011: Safe, Warm Lancashire Home - [b-sides]
22/04/2011: Treat Me Like A Human Being - [b-sides]
13/01/2011: Pretty Girls Make Graves - The Smiths
11/01/2011: Happy Lovers At Last United - [unreleased]
11/01/2011: Hanratty - [unreleased]
10/01/2011: The Draize Train - Rank
10/01/2011: I Misses You - [unreleased]
03/01/2011: Life Is A Pigsty - Ringleader Of The Tormentors
15/12/2010: You've Got Everything Now - The Smiths
15/12/2010: Miserable Lie - The Smiths

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Sometimes it just takes a simple urgency in your mind, a small idea, a couple of words put together, and you're well away from the world you usually are part of.

This site is dedicated to those rare seconds in your life when you're feeling delighted with an idea and with words that express that special urgency in your mind. Here you can find black and white images, raw atmospheres, undistinct pictures and - I hope - some relief to your little intellectual needs.

Your contribution is definitely required. We all are social animals. Don't miss the opportunity to reveal your true richness. And yes, it all relies on words. Morrissey's words.

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22/08/2017 - Morrissey annuncia il nuovo album Low in High-SchoolMorrissey annuncia il nuovo album Low in High-School

Morrissey pubblicherà il suo prossimo album Low in High-School, il primo dal 2014. Low in High-School sarà pubblicato il prossimo 17 novembre su CD, vinile pitturato e nastro in edizione limitata, oltre ai formati digitali. Sarà anche il primo album per l'etichetta BMG, che sta anche collaborando con Morrissey per il lancio della sua nuova etichetta discografica "Etienne Records". Low in High-School è stato registrato agli Studios La Fabrique in Francia e ai Forum Studios di Ennio Morricone a Roma. Il disco è stato prodotto da Joe Chiccarelli, che oltre al precedente album di Morrissey, ha lavorato in passato anche con Frank Zappa, The Strokes, Beck e The White Stripes. Il nuovo album Low in High-School cattura 'lo spirito di un mondo in continuo cambiamento'.

Morrissey announces new album Low in High-School

Morrissey is set to release his first new album since 2014. Low in High-School will be released on November 17 on CD, coloured vinyl and limited edition cassette, as well as digital formats. It will be the former Smiths' frontman's first album for BMG, which is also partnering with Morrissey on the launch of his new label, Etienne Records. Low in High-School was recorded at La Fabrique Studios in France and in Rome at Ennio Morricone’s Forum Studios. The record is produced by Joe Chiccarelli, who has worked with Frank Zappa, The Strokes, Beck and The White Stripes. Low in High-School captures 'the zeitgeist of an ever-changing world.'

(source: Manchester Evening News)

02/11/2013 - 2 Novembre 2013 Morrissey dimesso dall2 Novembre 2013 Morrissey dimesso dall'ospedale

Morrissey è stato ora dimesso dal Cedars-Sinai Hospital di Los Angeles dopo il trattamento per la commozione cerebrale, colpo di frusta e un infortunio al braccio. Morrissey desidera ringraziare il personale medico al Cedars-Sinai per il loro "eccezionale livello di cura e attenzione".

Morrissey discharged from Hospital

Morrissey has now been discharged from Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles following treatment for concussion, whiplash and an arm injury. Morrissey would like to thank the medical staff at Cedars-Sinai for their “outstanding level of care and attention”.

(source: true-to-you.net)

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A volte basta una semplice urgenza della mente, una piccola idea, un paio di parole messe assieme e ci si trova ben lontani dal mondo di cui si è abitualmente parte.

Questo sito è dedicato a quei pochi secondi nella vita in cui ci si sente deliziati da un'idea e dalle parole che esprimono quella speciale urgenza della mente. Qui troverete immagini in bianco e nero, crude atmosfere, figure indistinte e, spero, un po' di sollievo ai vostri piccoli bisogni intellettuali.

Il vostro contributo è decisamente il benvenuto. Dopotutto siamo animali sociali. Non perdete l'occasione di rivelare la vostra vera ricchezza. E sì, tutto si basa sulle parole. Le parole di Morrissey.

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